Big Girls need Big Diamonds.

Yes, Diamond is my real name.

ATL workshop: Saturday, Houston workshop: Sunday

Me: Sitting in Hawaii til May.

Watch when I get back to the mainland, LT will be in Europe/Japan and not even looking back at the U.S. smh

My aunt says that’s what I get for seeing them twice in a year. Um, NO. Why can’t I be great?! Why can’t I have nice things?!

…Okay, I’m done.


Oh shoot, it’s 4/20!

Happy Birthday Luther! One of the best male vocalists of ALL TIME. I wish I was born in another decade so I could have gotten a chance to see you live… =/


Anonymous asked: How do you feel about Beyonce tickets bein so unbelievably high? I love her to death but come on now...


The ticket prices should be high. You’re going to see Beyoncé not Rihanna.

Luther Vandross Tribute ft. El Debarge, Johnny Gil, Kenny Lattimore, and Whiteney Houston

It’s 4/20. You know what that means…

Happy Birthday Luther Vandross!

I really didn’t think this happened in real life

I mean REALLY. 

My friend and I were having brunch with these two girls from school, both happened to be white. And we started talking about how we don’t get dressed up to go to the dining hall.

One of the white girls says, “I literally rolled out of bed and came here. My hair was such a mess, I woke up with an afro.”

I have no idea what face I made, but my friend told me she could feel it. 

I’m just tired, man. I can’t check every person who makes a racist comment. Am I even supposed to? I’ve been doing it, and it’s exhausting.

I’m telling you, spending a year in a place where Black people aren’t the majority has really opened my eyes to things. I really don’t see myself working/living in a place that’s predominately white/non Black poc. Being around them for long periods of time takes a lot of energy; whether you’re checking every racist remark, or holding your tongue.